Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paris, Britney, and You Know Who

OHMYGOSH!!!! Mr McCain!!!!!! Grow up will you?? For an old man, you sure have a goofy sense of least that is what you call it. The Republican nominee is having "fun" mocking his opponent by comparing him to the two aforementioned young women. It's not because he is a blond either. McCain is insinuating that Obama has the wherewithal and abilities like those two girls. I wonder what the Hiltons thought of that since they support McCain's campaign(with money--probably a lot). I'm sure they are used to their daughter getting bad publicity but this is a bit over the top, isn't it? We aren't supposed to think that Obama is anything but a silly, blond girl who can sing or not sing(take your pick.)
Oh, and now Obama thinks he's Moses. That's the latest. McCain thinks that one was a crack up. He sent that one only to his supporters(cause then no one else would see it). Obama says he represents values and morals and McCain says he has visions of grandeur. Doesn't McCain say the same thing about himself?? Aren't our candidates supposed to reflect our values and morals? That's what all the other candidates have said all along. Family values is a phrase that has become very familiar in any political race. Now Obama has dared to say it and McCain doesn't like that.
Why not?? Because some of us believe it. We who don't think that Obama is a Muslim terrorist or the antiChrist. There are some of us who think he is a young man who has idealistic tendencies that may just work in this crazy, mixed up world. He seems to be a man who wants to talk about important things and try to find our way back to better times. Ooh, what a crazy moron!!! Just like Britney, he'll probably shave his head next...or like Paris, he'll start carrying around a little dog in his manpurse.
McCain must be feeling pretty desperate if this is the only way he can attack Obama. And if you have noticed, the Obama campaign has not made an ad comparing John McC to anyone or anything. They are talking about what they believe in.
I still would like Obama to be more specific in his plans but maybe he is saving that for the convention and after..I don't really know. I saw and the show they put on for this campaign is pretty funny but it does have a good message for Obama. Get real and talk about the specifics of these changes. We are ready to hear them....well, maybe not McCain and his camp. I'm sure they have a line up of celebrity comparisons for when you do--Carrot Top, perhaps?

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