Friday, August 29, 2008

A New Hope

No, not Luke Skywalker, I mean Barack Obama. Last night I was passed out by 9:30 from allergy medicine and didn't hear the speech in person. I just finished reading the transcript of what the man had to say.
First, I like that he doesn't cast aspersions on his opponent. He doesn't question his allegiance or his moral code. He doesn't agree with his opponent's positions and that is very clear cut.
Next, he told specific changes he wants to see happen. No pie in the sky, change is coming, hooray, kind of stuff. A clear cut plan that has goals and vision. I still would like more details--where's he going to get that army of teachers? Although he could start right here in NE Ohio, where getting a teaching job is still a challenge.
I'd like to hear more about that health care plan--I know that has a lot of people worried that the new health care plan will destroy their own coverage.
Finally, I like the feeling of hope that Obama exudes. He is an optimist in a pessimistic time. He has dreams and goals for himself and all of us. Instead of walking all over each other, he wants us to stand together. I like that idea. I am tired of worrying about wars and the economy and the state of the value of my home and the future my children face.
Mr. Obama, you have seven weeks...(really?? that's all?? doesn't it seem like this election has taken forever already and now it's almost over??) In six weeks, I'll probably be sick of the commercials and the rhetoric and pray for election day to get here fast. You have seven weeks to flesh out this plan. To give us more details to show that you are not just an optimist but a planner and a doer.
Get out there and prove yourself. Convince us you are the man. There are many of us who want you to be but we are leery of politicians. Show us you are a leader before you are a politician. That rhetoric is not your only device. Show us that you are speaking from the heart and not from your greed for power. We need that man and I hope you are the one!

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