Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am feeling back to my old self finally. I went to the gym today and did the bike and the rowing machine which is my new challenge. I also went to work and had a good day there. I am preparing a large document so it has been interesting. I think I have the entire membership of the Chamber of Commerce memorized as of today!!
I am back on track in the food department too and I was feeling really great about how and what I was eating and then I saw a report on what Michael Phelps eats on an average day. ............12,000 calories! Oh yes, I said and I meant 12,000!!! The kid eats so many carbs he should be as fat as Santa Claus but instead he is the most svelte and muscular young man. He eats like a pound of pasta at a time. Plus eight pieces of pizza and energy drinks and chocolate chip pancakes with eggs and toast and more carbs. The list was mind boggling.
In his defense, I have tried swimming laps at the Y. It is not easy. I could do about 14 in 15 minutes. And I would be exhausted. He does that in less than 2 minutes. And did you ever even try that butterfly stroke? It is killer. SO he is burning calories right and left. But think about his future--like when he is 60. I am guessing he won't be eating 12,000 calories a day but boy, I'll bet he'll be missing them!! Either that or he will be the world's fattest instead of fastest man.

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