Thursday, August 21, 2008

Say it Ain't So, Joe

I KNEW IT!!! Guess who is on the short list for McCain's vice president! Joe Lieberman!! I told you. He is always there in the shadows, advising John and telling him what to say. He is probably the one who drove poor Cindy McScarecrow to the hospital when someone shook her twig arm and sprained it! Joe Lieberman--you know, the one who ran with AL GORE!!!! Now he is on the other side...and they said that John Kerry was a flip flopper. Jeesh!!! Joe Lieberman deserves Olympic Gold for his flip to the other side.
He is also the one who screwed Gore over in Florida by saying the other party won or something like that. His running mate--so quick to say Oh, yeah it's all over for my pal AL. I don't know how he ever got elected to anything to tell you the truth. He seems really fake to me from the smile to that singsong voice of his. I sure wouldn't trust him. How do we know what he even stands for(besides Joe Lieberman, of course)??
And mark my words, if he isn't the VP candidate he will be a close advisor of McCain's and that can't be good. I can just see him off camera range, skulking in the bushes or in the corner of the Oval Office(I guess there aren't any corners in an oval office but you catch my drift) and rubbing his hands in glee as McCain spouts his advice to the public. OHMYGOSH!! We are doomed.
He even recited the party line about Obama being nothing but a celebrity on Meet the Press. I am wondering how anybody would expect Obama to be anything but a celebrity.. After all, he is the first of his race to run for President of the USA. Of course, he's a celebrity. John McCain was a celebrity also when he came back from Viet Nam and now as the old fart who is running for President. We are a celebrity driven society . Rock Stars and divas and television personalities aren't our only celebrities. Don't you think Ted Kennedy is a celebrity or his niece, Caroline?? I'm sure they are plagued by papparazzi too. How about that excop who seems to have killed all his wives(allegedly)?? He's a celebrity too. How about the President of France and his wife?? They are both celebrities and it seems he can lead just fine. I think that the Republicans have a very narrow view of celebrity and its meaning.
Anyway, back to Joe. If you want a smarmy, yesman in the second most important office in the United States by all means root for Joe Lieberman. If you are like me, you better start praying for some divine intervention.

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