Friday, August 22, 2008

The Write Stuff

Did I ever tell you I wrote a book?? Well, I did. It is a romance I guess but it is about a woman my age who changes her life completely. She does have a romance and she does live happily ever after and there is a little titillation but not too much.
I hate those old "bodice rippers" where the heroine and hero spend 12 or 13 pages in bed and the author describes every earth shaking moment as the heroine has 44 orgasms and the man restrains himself until she is utterly and completely satisfied. Puh-leeze!! Maybe I am just jaded as I have read so many of them in the past.
The new "chick-lit" books are pretty good for the most part but I have been reading a lot of them and there is a common theme among them too. The heroine always wakes up hungover, overspends on her credit card and usually has a pet. She has sex too but it is not as graphic(thank goodness). I enjoyed them at first but I am getting a little tired of them.
Recently I have been reading "inspirational" novels where the girl is a Christian so she never has sex(which is fine, don't get me wrong) and instead of sex scenes there are gratuitous church or bible study scenes that go on for several pages. She always gets her man but not until the last page because they can't have s-e-x.
On some level, I do enjoy all these books but they do get repetitive if you read too many. A lot of them have glaring errors in time line in their plots and many spelling and grammar mistakes. I have worked really hard to avoid that. I took copious notes on the time line of my story so the children in it would age correctly. Why can't these PUBLISHED authors do the same?
I would love to have my book published but I am a giant scaredy cat(as I have established before) so I am not sure I could face all the rejection. I could self-publish but that seems like a vanity move and why would anyone want to buy it?
I am still working on fleshing it out a little also. It is a bit short for my liking and I have to see what I can do about that. Mary(my heroine) waits patiently for me to make up my mind what in the world to do with her and her friends.
If you ever see my book in the library or on a shelf (or mark-down table) at the bookstore, a miracle will have occurred. You know I have been praying for divine intervention so maybe I'll ask a little to be thrown my way.

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