Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whose House Is It Anyway??

Well, I know how many homes I own as I am sure you do too. I am also pretty sure that most of us would agree that a condominium counts as a house. McCain's people say he has 4 houses but Obama's people say it is more like 10. I'm guessing neither one is correct. I think he has more like 12.
Owning a home is usually a big deal. You find the one you like and you get all excited about decorating it and making a garden(unless it is a condo) and you start making plans. Most people actually go live in them. I know my husband knows how many homes we own although it is not much of a stretch to remember one.
I bet Cindy McScarecrow knows how many homes they own. I bet she decorated every one of them to the nines all by herself(and possibly the decorator). I bet she likes modern furniture--sleek and skinny like herself. Maybe John McC gets an office of brown leather with those studs in them and a big mahogany desk. He probably sits there and smokes cigars with his buddy, Joe L.
Most Senators probably have more than one house. You need somewhere to live in DC and then you need a home in your home state(like to establish residency--Remember the Clinton's in NY?) They all better be ready to answer the question now--just how many homes do you have??? They all better know the anser too!!

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