Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a Day for a Daydream

The last couple of days have been so beautiful weather wise it is almost unreal. Today that lovely weather continues and it made me feel like doing a little day dreaming so here goes.
Wouldn't it be lovely if that Hurricane Gustav would just blow itself out over the water and everyone could just go home and be safe?
Wouldn't it be grand if the conventions were over, the election was done and we had the right new president and life returned to normal?
Wouldn't it be nice if we could buy gas and go wherever we wanted or could actually afford to board a plane and go somewhere far away for a vacation without having to worry about the price?
I wold really love it if the war was over and all the soldiers, sailors and marines had come home and their tours of duty were just on the weekends keeping their skills in tact.
It would be wonderful if my whole family could get together whenever we wanted to and celebrate any day we wished.
I would love to see all the kids in our country enrolled in the right school for them and that those schools would provide not only education but good nutrition and a nurturing environment where there would never be any chance of a predator lurking.
I would love to live in a society that respected older people for their experiences and wisdom and not try to take advantage of their weaker physical state.
In that same vein, wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a society that didn't judge us by our appearances and didn't expect women to be a size 4 with 40DD breasts? I would love to live in a world where Barbie was just a doll and not a blueprint for the perfect body.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to build up instead of tearing down...buildings, people's self esteem, countries, families... I could go on and on.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if every citizen of this planet accepted that they were a part of God's great plan and there is a little spark of Him in every one of us?
Like I said, it is only day dreaming but once in a while you need to dream a little.

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