Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Brother!

OHMYGOSH!!! Joe Lieberman is out and Sarah Palin is in!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....Er, wait a minute....WHO?? Oh, yes Sarah Palin, isn't she that little actress who was Sarah Stanley in Avonlea?? We used to watch that all the time with our kids back in the eighties. What was that?? Oh, not her...that was Sarah Polley.. oh, ok.
Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin...let me think.....nope, that's Sara Lee......nope, that's Sarah plain and tall....okay, I give.
She's the governor of Alaska!! Hmm, never heard of her. I even have a tendency to forget about Alaska.
Anyway, all kidding aside, does McC think that because he chose a woman, women will now automatically vote for him?? I know they say that a lot of women who supported Hillary claim they are now for McCain but will this little grandstand turn them off?? It sure does me. After all the criticism he's slung Obama's way about not having any experience, he picks some lady that nobody outside of Alaska ever heard of! How obvious can you be??
Plus this woman has five kids, one of them a pretty brand new baby. She is a self-proclaimed soccer mom so I am guessing she is pretty involved with her children as any good mom would be. Will she have the time and energy to be a good VP? And what if the old coot,oops, I mean Mr. McCain should die. Then what???????? She has never been involved in federal politics at all to my knowledge.
Plus, she is going to look just a little bit fat(no offense, Sarah) next to Cindy McScarecrow, you know?? They will need to put the two husbands in the middle to offset the discrepancy and then everyone will think the husband is the candidate, oops, I guess McC will just have to be between them and Sarah will just have to grin and bear it.
I don't know who in the world I thought McCain should pick but it sure wasn't this poor woman. I wish her all the luck in the world...she'll need it!

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Nancy said...

She is a hockey mom. A Little different. I read a comment after an article and they said, "hockey mom = elitist."