Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holy Cow!

I love the add for California cheese where the bull pretends to be from France. Je m'appelle Bob is what he says. It always cracks me up. He thinks he is so smooth and then the one cow is a fluent speaker of French so he is busted. The funniest part is when his friend strolls over to try the same line and Bob just tells him not to bother. It makes me laugh every time.
I love cows. They are allowed to be fat and they can eat all day. What a great life that would be!! I used to collect cows but not anymore. People started telling me that every time they saw a cow they thought of me! Not the image I want to spring forth into people's minds when they think of me. Maybe(if it has to be an animeal) a poodle or an Irish setter but not a cow. Personally I would really like it if Heidi Klum made people think of me but that is never going to happen in this lifetime!!
Anyway, I also love burgers especially with cheese. Two more cow-linked products. So you can see I am really crazy for cows!!!
Do you remember Elsie the cow?? She repped for Borden's when I was a kid and she was quite the cow. She wore June Cleaver dresses and had daisies around her neck. She even had a husband and a kid although their names escape me. The husband wore a shirt and tie. They were quite the overdressed bovines. I remember thinking Elsie was pretty. Oh, brother!
I finally met a cow up close and personal at Lake Farm Park when I still taught Kindergarten. Ohmygosh, I like the front end a lot better than the back end and I'm not too sure about the front end. Then we went on vacation in Amish country and the people next door to our rental house had cows. They were ok, a little scary but then I am a big scaredy cat. So I guess I only like fake cows.
I also love all things French. Hence, the poodle reference. I love croissants and cafe au lait and vin rouge. I even went to France once but I don't think I really appreciated being there. Oh well...the city is supposed to be so romantic but I thought it was kinda gross. Maybe things have changed and it is not so dirty as it was or maybe I was just disappointed because reality can never live up to the ideal in your head when you are young.
Anyway, that's all I have for revoir, mes amis!!!

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