Monday, August 4, 2008

Only in Vegas...

Would you see an alien ship and the jet the government sent to check it out from your room at Harrah's.
Would they bring a wheelchair to a dead guy in the casino.(seriously)
Would a guy with a giant beer belly walk straight into you and not even see you.
Would a pirate show(attended by many small children) have a heroine nicknamed Sin(short for cinnamon).
Would they put the wheelchair people in a place where you couldn't even see the aforementioned show.
Would you get so excited over winning twelve dollars.
Buy drinks when they give you free ones in the casino (they do come in pretty cool glasses).
Where a guy dressed as a Klingon(!!) feels free to mock out a group of rollerblade chicks and their escorts.
You can buy a hamburger for 14 dollars and a shrimp cocktail for 99cents.
You can ride a carousel and gamble at the same time.
everyone you ever met won money there but you lost.
Have the time of your life!!!!

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