Monday, October 27, 2008


I haven't written in my blog for a while since I have been pretty boring lately. We did go for a ride in the country to see the fall leaves but that was about it. We are going to buy a new Christmas tree, how's that for thrilling. I know some people detest a fake tree but it is even prelit--we are sick of hanging lights.I am sick of the politics and cannot wait until November 5th--hopefully it will all be over. Remember last time?? Don't want a repeat performance of the not knowing thing. I wonder if the candidates ever think of that? I bet they do and it gives them a stomach ache!We have been faithfully(sorta) working out and you will be glad to hear that I have lost 2 lbs of the 15(really 19 but I round down!!) I gained and it has only taken two weeks. Hey, did I just hear you laugh??I've been busy at work and the time goes fast there. Local politics takes up some of our time and there is a Victorian Tea in December which will require us to keep busy. I'm still enjoying it.Oh, my husband finally talked about the tie dyed sheets(remember the ones I wrecked with bleach??) He read about them on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that a hoot?My best friend and I did our annual trek up 306 to look in all the antique shops(one) and the nurseries(several) that have gift shops. We spent time at Aurora Farms too. Somebody should do something with that place. It has such potential and right now although it was fuller than it was last year, it's pretty disappointing.I've been thinking a lot about opening a business. I have no idea what kind of business I would want to run--not a restaurant or a bakery but I know I would call it ANTEEZ. Isn't that a good name?? I would want my sister to be in it too so see--we are both aunts! Now if I could just come up with an idea for the store I'd be all set. Oh well, I have plenty of time to think about those kinds of things.I have seen another terrible movie. It was called ADAPTATION. It had not one, but two Nicholas Cages in it. Yuck!! I cannot stand him. I never understood his appeal. Anyway, don't ever waste your time on it --it was just weird.None of the new television shows are too interesting either although we are giving some of them a chance. My husband has been watching this show called Sanctuary on the SciFi channel and I love to mock him about it. It has the girl from Stargate One and she wears a black wig and sports a fake English accent. I have more fun when he tries to watch it...I think he will probably start sneaking it behind my back (hehe).So you can see I am not lying--I am boring right now. And guess what??? I will probably continue to write here just the same!!