Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Excuuuse Me

Our old pal, Ringo Starr, the "fun" Beatle, has made an announcement. After October 20th, he flatly refuses to give out any autographs or sign any objects. Really. He is too busy, Peace and Love, Peace and Love. WHAAT?? How busy can he be?? His name isn't that long. If he was say, Englebert Humperdink, I could understand the time involved but come on, Ringo?????????? He is almost 70 years old so maybe it is getting hard for him to write(I say that with a wink) but then he should have said so. Peace and Love, Peace and Love.
Speaking of peace and love, I read an interview with the kid who is going to marry the Palin child. He is dropping out of highschool and will miss his senior year to take a job as an apprentice on an oil rig. WHAAAT? Now the poor girl is marrying a high school dropout?? If that is the standards that Gov. Palin holds for her own daughter I hate to think what her standards would be for the rest of the kids in our country. His coach is sad but is resigned to the fact that the kid needs a job. HE DOES????? IS not his future mother in law the governor of the state?? Are they not pretty well off??? Couldn't they help him out? They couldn't encourage him to finish school and get a job IN THE SUMMER after HE GRADUATES!!!!!!! And what about that coach?? some educator he is...the kid needs a job so he just drops out and that's not a time to say, "Stay in school"??
If this is a sample of the kind of thinking in Alaska, I would say they need some educational reform!
And how about Marcia Brady...I mean, Maureen McCormick. Apparently she is spilling her guts about being Marcia and her downward spiral after her career as Marcia ended. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! She never told any of her "siblings" about the book so I bet they can't wait to read it! I heard that she claims to have had an affair with Eve Plumb(also known as Jan)...no wonder, Jan never showed up for any of those reunion shows!!

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