Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The -ist List

The one thing I hate about this election is the -ist list. The Republicans have slapped more labels on Obama than I can remember...but I'll try.
Fist, he was an elitist. That meant he thought he was better than you or me. I sure hope so as I know I wouldn't make a very good president. I'm not informed or equipped enough to handle day to day pressures and I know next to nothing about the law--stateside or international.
Next, I heard he was terrorist. First it was because his relatives in Africa were know Muslims with ties to AlKaida(pics and all). Well, then he had a relationship with Bill Ayers. Now that I'll believe when Ayers is hovering in the background like Leiberman does with McCain. And Obama had the nerve to deny it. Nobody ever said do you know him, they just started with the name calling. Of course,it turned out that Obama does know Ayers as they were on a committee together many years ago. No way do I have a relationship with every person I ever sat on a committee with, do you?
Next, he was called a socialist because he wants to spread the wealth. Those with wealth are panicked by this, the rest of us not so much. The ads act like he is going to tax the middle class so that the poor can have a better life, I'm thinking he's going to tax the rich and the big businesses to do so. Not Joe the plumber but Joe the Leiberman will pay more.
Then I heard someone call him a Marxist. I'm not exactly sure what that even means but a reporter actually asked Joe Biden that question. He did not deem to answer as far as I know because he couldn't believe she was even serious.
Obama is none of these things but he is one -ist. He is an idealist. He thinks we can do better. He thinks we can help one another. He thinks he can get healthcare for everyone. He thinks diplomacy is the answer. He thinks there is hope. This I can deal with. I agree with him. It is time for us to have hope and enthusiasm. Its time for an idealist.


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