Friday, October 10, 2008


Have you seen the ad for women who get migraine headaches? A bunch of woman are carrying their heads in their hands! Not resting their heads in their hands--really carrying them. CG has gone too far. It is so gross I am happy I have always been able to fast forward through the ad. Who got that idea?? Probably one of those MadMen..did you ever see them on the show on AMC?? They are always drinking at the office--that might explain it.
Speaking of gross, how about that egg thing that razors off the thick skin on your feet?? I will bet my bottom dollar that no man buys that product. Only we women with the societal pressures to be pretty would fall for such an instrument of torture! If I got that thing I know I would have dire results. I never did well with a razor to shave my legs let alone my feet! I just saw them the other day in a store right next to that other gross product-those things you wear on the soles of your feet overnight. They are white but your feet turn them black overnight. Oh, yuck!! There's another product I would never want to use. I'm not sure if it would even really work but I don't want to find out either.
So I've spent part of this week getting grossed out by something other than politics!

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beth said...

Hi sweetie! have been catching up on your blogs and just HAD to write and defend the PedEgg! :)
Said egg is really very gentle (and I am a veteran of shaving callouses throughout childhood...remind me to tell you about the bloody bathtub and mom's "feminine product") That PedEgg gets (almost) all the yucky dry skin off and my poor feet feel (and look) better! Now, I'm not going to take my head off and carry it around in my arms, but long live the PedEGG! :)