Friday, October 24, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

The spoiler business for Soap Operas and other television shows is a multimillion business. I have to admit I was hooked. I read all I could get my hands on and read some every day. I knew which actors and actresses were coming and going and I knew the basic story line for a month in advance. I knew all the surprises and twists and turns(well, at least all the major ones).
So two weeks ago I gave up the spoilers...cold turkey. For the first five days my fingers itched to get on line and read everything I always did. I wanted to know if Erica would kiss Adam(she did) and if Kendall would die(she didn' least, not yet). I wanted to know when Vicki would finally return so the Jess/Tess story line would get wrapped up. I wanted to know if Laura was really coming out of her illness or if her daughter was crazy. It was really hard not to look but I didn't.
And guess what??? I watched my shows and boy, they were great!! I enjoyed them more than I had in five years. One day, I even watched without fast forwarding any of them except for the commercials! I never do that. It took me a little longer than usual to watch but it was worth it. There were twisters(multiple) in Pine Valley, a public shooting in Llanview and I forget what happened at General Hospital but it was exciting too.
Old characters are coming back(the soaps are really tanking in the ratings) and the drama is more intense. More happened in the last two weeks on ALL MY CHILDREN than has happened in the last two years!!! Bring on the twisters, as they are bringing unexpected(thanks to my new un-habit) twists and turns to the story.
This might be a habit I can break since I have enjoyed my stories more than ever. I did quit smoking and haven't gone back but I think the spoilers were even more addictive!

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