Monday, October 13, 2008

Falling in Love again

Okay, I am madly in love...and not with my husband. Don't worry, he knows all about it...and he doesn't blame me one bit. I am in love with the cutest, most appealing twelve year old you ever did see. His name is Freddie Highmore and I saw him in two movies this week--Arthur and the Invisibles and August Rush. He is the most enchanting little boy.
He has an engaging smile and a twinkle in his eye. You should see him! He's been in other movies too. I've seen most of them and I didn't really realize it was the same kid--he's been growing you see!
He was in Finding Neverland, a fine film that I enjoyed. Also in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--he was Charlie, remember how cute he was?? He was in The Golden Compass which I saw and didn't really enjoy all that much since it ended with a kind of cliff hanger and no more will be made as it was kind of a bomb. He was also in The Spiderwick Chronicles, which I have yet to see but I will see it when it comes on cable.
He is just the kind of kid you want to come out on top. You pull for him through the whole movie. And you know how some kid actors as they get older kinda get funny looking? Not my Freddie! He is as cute and dimpled as he has always been.
Speaking of staying cute I saw Dakota Fanning on the Today Show and she is just lovelier than ever. I only saw her working the crowd, I didn't get to hear her speak, but she looked so cute and grown up already!! I am in her fan club too, by the way.
Anyway, back to Freddie. I guessed I am at least temporarily condemned to watch kid movies until the boy grows up. I hope he takes his time though, he is such a little cutie!

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