Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blah blah blah

The next presidential debate is on tonight and I wish I could say that I am looking forward to it. I'm afraid that all we will hear is a bunch of rhetoric and no substance. The guy who steps up to the plate and says here is what I propose to do would be the winner in my book. Neither candidate will do that. They are too busy trying to make the other guy look bad. None of the television ads reveal any real plans and the vice presidential candidates didn't add anything new.
So will I watch it? You bet I will! I am an optimist and still hope that someone will speak out about the real changes they are able to make. I do realize that the President is just one man and he needs support in Congress to make changes but someone with a clear plan could get that support.
The American people spoke out about the bail out and some Congressmen listened. If we speak out maybe the candidates will listen and give us some viable changes outlined during one of these last two debates. Maybe it is too late for tonight, but there is another debate scheduled. SO tell your candidate what you want him to do. I'm going to. I want to hear how they will create jobs so people can pay their bills. I need to know that education is still a priority and that funds will be allocated for early education and that the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND Act will be left behind and teachers can go back to creative teaching and students can learn instead of memorize. I need to know that the elderly and the poor are on the mind of the future president and that he will work to keep Social Security strong.
Hope is important but I don't want to just hope. I want a President of action who will change the things he can as soon as possible. I don't want people to have to go to a website. I want to hear him say it on national television in front of all of us. That is a promise, not these vague platitudes that they keep throwing at us.
Tomorrow I may be eating my words but I don't think so. If either candidate steps up to the plate, I will be pleasantly surprised.

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