Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh So Politico

Last night I had to work at a Candidates and Issues night. It was my job to greet the public and sign in the politicians. I had to direct them to coffee, the restroom and draw cards for speaking order. They each had three minutes to talk and two minutes for rebuttal. It was rather interesting. I learned something about people who are running for office. They can read your name tag from 500 yards!! This one guy almost had me convinced that I knew him. It was pretty easy to tell who the candidates were as they were dressed up and had on badges supporting themselves for the positions they were running for. Not all of them were that friendly but most were ultra polite. They brought their own literature and they were all pretty glib in front of the crowd.
They came from all over the state too. One man came up from Millersburg, one couple had come from a speaking engagement in Kent and two candidates drove up from Hudson after speaking there. The travelers looked pretty frazzled but stepped up to the plate after a restroom break. Some of them seemed to be looking for cookies..I don't blame them.
There were also people there handing out literature for the candidates who couldn't make it. A couple of them stood by the door with me while I handed out Voter's Guides from the League of Women Voters.
So guess what?? I snuck out before it was over. I only stayed through the State Rep. who wasn't even in my district and the first County Commissioner's speeches and then I split. I had enough debating the night before!!
I can hardly wait to vote....just so this is all over with. I am tired of the trashing and promises that they might not be able to keep even if they want to. I just want it to be over.

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