Friday, October 3, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Joe Part 2

So the VP debate is over and nobody is happier than me, except maybe Joe Biden. He was confident and together but unfortunately so was his opponent. I don't really think anyone won...once again nobody said much I hadn't heard before.
I have to hand it to Palin. She is a quick study. She had been briefed in all matters and she had a ready answer for all. She was a little cocky but not like in her speeches when she was selected. I don't think she is qualified to be a VP but she did herself proud last night.
Joe (since she was allowed to call him that I guess I can) was also well prepared and he didn't run his mouth so much that he ended up saying something stupid(as he is famous for). He said all the right things and treated Palin with respect. Maybe too much respect... and not enough criticism. I would have loved him to ask what magazines she reads but Katie already's been there and done that. I'm just guessing she would have had an answer last night. I'm going with Time, Good Housekeeping, and Deer Hunter's Digest. (I made that last one up)
Anyway what really disgusted me was that after the debate the NBC News team felt compelled to have a "Truth Squad." They called both candidates on the carpet for not presenting all the facts on certain issues. I was shocked that they would do that(wink wink) and think it is a sad state of affairs that we need this Truth Squad. They probably had it after the Presidential debate too but we changed the channel before the debate was quite over.
As entertainment, the debate was below par. As information, it was below par. As a bore, it scored an A.

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