Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You Gotta Have Friends

Well, my friends, what did you think of the debate? Don't worry, this little rant won't be filled with "my friends" as I (unlike John McC) can control my urges to use the same term over and over. Hence the "new" title of this article and Man Oh Man I, II III, and IV.
Seriously though, was anyone as distracted as I was by that red, red rug?? It gave me a serious headache. It was the only one who commanded my attention every time we saw it. The blue, blue walls held a close second!
The audience cracked me up too. They were so straight faced the whole time. Towards the end a lot of them looked bored stiff and anxious to get the heck out of there. I saw a lot of tapping feet and wringing hands but no yawns or anything like that to their credit.
McCain didn't look comfortable when he wasn't speaking. I don't think he knew what to do with himself. He didn't sit--that chair looked a little tall... He didn't stand still, and he roamed the stage. I just wanted to holler, "HOLD STILL ALREADY!!"
Obama could sit in that chair easily with his long legs and he looked at ease while McCain looked desperate. Obama was articulate but sometimes you could see him stumble in a search for some words that didn't sound too elitist.
And poor Tom Brokaw just held on to the two candidates by a thread. They were oblivious to time and his admonitions to contain themselves to the allotted time. You should have seen the poor thing this morning on the Today show!! He really looked beat and o-l-d. Poor guy.
So, my friends, the battle continues and we are one step closer to election day. Thank Goodness.

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