Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ever Changing

I have my new brown hair and I even changed my picture on the blog to reflect how I look now. I had just gotten home from the salon and had my husband take this picture immediately because it never looked like that again and I knew it wouldn't.
I've had every shade of hair and every haircut known to man. I have been blonde, many shades of red, frosted, streaked, three toned and brown. I had a pixie, a Sassoon,a shag, an Afro, long hair halfway down my back, a bun, hair tucked behind my ears, ponytails, and even cut my own hair! Once in college I was using a razor to trim down the hair on the back of my head and got a little carried away and made a bald patch. It was just a little one but still...right before a first date with the guy who turned out to be my college boyfriend!
My sister and I used to streak each other's hair. We even sang California Girls one time and we swore we would never be gray. I blew that promise for a while but I am back with a vengeance. Don't know how long I will have the brown hair but you can be sure it won't be gray again for a long, long time.
It must be in our genes though. I remember my mother getting her hair dyed kinda blue. And my daughter once dyed her hair pink. I don't think we can help ourselves.
Personally, I don't like being in a rut. I love to change my hair style and color. You know, I don't think I can change my style of clothes or my makeup very much so that just leaves the hair--easy and usually pain free!
So I will keep changing my picture as I keep changing my hair. I give the brown hair 6 months tops!

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