Friday, November 8, 2013

Being There

One thing about being housebound with a caretaker is that you can't escape one another.  I don't mean that in a bad way.  I find it has helped us to become even closer than we are already.
My DD, Son and DH have spent many days with me as they are able to work form home.  That in itself is a miracle to me.  Having been a teacher, I couldn't have phoned it in if I wanted to.  I guess that's not even true anymore since there are on line school now.
I have gained new insight into the world of work while they have been home.  I can really listen in and hear the problems and have stopped wondering why they are so frustrated at times.  I know more about their colleagues and managers.  It's not all great.
I also found out that in their own ways, they are all nurturers.  DD is the most obvious.  I wonder if it is because she is a woman.  Maybe.  I never thought that DH and Son would be worried about me so much.  Neither one of them goes for more than a half hour without asking me if I'm ok and if I need anything.
All three of them are so present.  I am trying to return the kindness by being there for them too.  Not that I am not involved with my family but you know we all get used to each other and become a little complacent.  Well, no more for me.
I am loved and cherished and I don't want the other members of my family to have to become ill to feel that way.  I am going to put more effort into letting them know they are special and loved by me.
My Sis and WP have been there every step of the way too.  Sis made a birthday that had the potential to be totally boring a wonderful tea room like experience.  WP keeps coming over with food and funny stories.  Just don't make me laugh too hard yet.
Listen, I always knew all these folks loved me.  I just never expected them to go so far to demonstrate that love and caring.
I am so appreciative of who is in my life.  If you are reading this, my caregivers, I love you and always will.   xo

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