Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

I can't believe I got talked into this but I'm going shopping today with DD and DH!  They have the whole thing mapped out and I figure it will only take until 10pm or so to finish all they have planned.  They are both positive thinkers.
Well, I'm positive too.  Positive that everything will take at least twice as long as usual.  Interesting that DD could forget the time we went to Kohls on Black Friday and the two lines for registers wrapped around the store!
I'm pretty much done with shopping so I don't care if there is a crowd or if I don't get a fabulous bargain.  I'm going for the thrill of it all!  HA!
Really, I'm going to be the sensible one.  The one who says, I think we've had enough.  Let's finish this another day.  Or,  there are always sales.  Or, you don't really need to get him/her another gift.
I will be their Jiminy Cricket.  Hey, I like that.  Wish us luck.  If it is interesting, you'll read about it here!

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