Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

I know I'm supposed to be all grateful and stuff today and tomorrow, well, I guess, all the time but today I am wallowing in a little self pity.
No particular reason.  Just being self indulgent.
I feel fat.  I hate my hair.  None of my food seems to be turning out right.  I have to make dinner for my family and I don't want to.  I'm too hot.  Then I'm too cold.  I hate my slippers.
See? None of that stuff really matters.  Well, the dinner thing might be a problem but the other stuff is not that big of a deal.  Yet, I feel defeated.  I am sure my rolls didn't rise enough.  I'm sure my cheesecake didn't totally gel in the center.  I have a gigantic zit on my face.
Whew, I guess I wasn't done.(haha)
Well, I hope you feel all grateful and thankful today and tomorrow and every day, for that matter.  Me?........well, tomorrow is another day.

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