Saturday, November 9, 2013


I am not good at being idle.  Even though I love to sit and read or watch my soap, it is hard to sit around all day and evening.  Trust me, I'm not cut out for it.
I want to dust when I see dust on the furniture.  I want to do laundry when it is nearing the top of the hamper.  I want to do.........well, pretty much anything.
How do you stay idle?  I don't know.  Do you just have to turn off your brain and let it take a vacation?  My brain hardly ever turns off and in the contest of wills between me and brain, brain always wins. That song I can't get out of my head?  Doesn't stop until brain tells it to.  Worrying about the kids even though they are successful, grown adults?  Stop it, says I.  NO WAY, says brain.
All I'm saying is I can only watch so many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and old repeats of  What Not to Wear before I go stark raving mad.

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