Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Great Advice

I probably haven't mentioned that we now have a big ass TV in our house.  In my opinion, a little too big but that's just me.  Everyone else who sees it thinks it is just dandy.
I have been utilizing the tube(hey, I bet you can't even call it that anymore..no tubes anywhere) a little too much while I recuperate but you can learn a lot from it.
Yesterday, I found out that you should not let the vial of eye drops touch your eye for fear of contamination.  Fear of contamination???  What about blinding yourself?
So in the spirit of public safety, I suggest the following:

Don't put your hand in a hot frying pan.
Never read a book upside down.
Don't try to read and watch television and eat popcorn all at the same time.(Now this one is really practical)
Don't try to swim in your bathtub.
Don't try to skate in your stocking feet across the living room floor, especially if it is carpeted.
Don't watch too much television........or should you?  Look what I learned and surmised from my viewing.

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