Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting Better All the Time

That was me a week ago.  I could barely move and I think I still had my catheter.  I'm not sure because Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of last week are a little hazy.  I thought I heard my family talking about some things.  Some were right and some I must have dreamed.
So only last Sunday I had an extensive gall bladder removal that required cutting.  The gall bladder fell apart in the doc's hands. Gross, I know.  Just be glad I'm not posting the picture!!
But this is about today.  Today I walked around my neighborhood twice.  I ate three meals.  I stood up nice and straight (oh believe me, it isn't easy to stand up nice and straight after abdominal surgery).  I not only walked but I didn't have to stop every ten minutes to catch my breath.  I was like normal.
My pain is not all gone by any means but it is definitely manageable.  Actually, hardly hurts at all.
Isn't that a miracle?  Aren't we just the most amazing beings?  I have to pinch myself to believe it is true and I'm not just dreaming this incredible improvement.
I also spent a lot of time thinking about people who were wounded in the really really old times and didn't die. Wow!  I needed the help of a lot of drugs to come this far but imagine if you didn't have any.  Or just something that didn't hardly work. Yikes.
So no more talking about operations or surgery or gall bladders.  I'm back to my old self and look out everyone!!

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