Wednesday, November 6, 2013

HB to Me

Yep, today's the day.  I turn 64 years old today.  I only wonder where the time went?  I know I've been busy but did I remember enough?  Did I appreciate all I had and have?  I hope I wasn't too dumb or mean or sarcastic.  I hope I made some people happy and made them laugh.
Next year will be 65 and then a lot changes.  I can officially retire.....Oh, wait, I did that when I was 50.  I will have to go on Medicare.  Say what???  I've been told you have to start the process early and with all the problems the website for affordable health care is having, I believe it.
But I'm only cruising at 64 for now and I plan to enjoy every minute of it.  I'm going to share my life with my friends and family and do everything I want to do.(within reason of course.  After all, I'm 64 not 24.)
I'm going to take  better care of myself too.  I'm going to continue my exercise program and healthy eating habits although the latter may have been taken care of with the recent loss of my gall bladder!
I'm going to wear make up and buy only clothes I like....even if they aren't on sale. I'm going to wineries and the movies. I'm going to book club and invite new members to join.  I'm going to get another tattoo.....I think.  Just a tiny one.
So that's the plan.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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