Monday, September 1, 2008

Three Sheets to the Wind

Remember my satin sheets? Well, now I have tie-dyed sheets. Not on purpose though. I stripped the bed today and decided to wash and bleach the mattress pad and then I thought what the heck I'll put a little bleach in the water when I wash the sheets.
My once blue sheets are now pink, blue and lavender with a dash of white! Sure glad it wasn't my good clothing. SO now the fun is to see if my husband even notices the difference. I'm betting he doesn't notice unless he reads this blog entry.
Sometimes he reads me religiously and other times he gets to wrapped up at work and doesn't have time. Wonder what it will be this week?? It was a holiday today so maybe he will have a little spare time tomorrow at work. We shall see.
Anyway, I remember when we used to tie dye shirts for Bible School and some of the teachers at our school did it for field day too. What a mess, but what fun. I never tie dyed anything for myself though. I wasn't much of a crafty person back when tie dye first came into popularity.
Anyway, I quickly made the bed today, turning down my husband's offer of help just for the fun of seeing if he notices. Don't you sometimes think you could put on those plastic glasses,nose and mustache things and your loved ones wouldn't even notice?? I think that about my husband sometimes since he hardly ever notices any changes in my appearance. Not that I have changed that much recently but you know what I mean.
He and I did notice the change in Cindy McScarecrow though. The cast is off!!! Just in time for the convention. Nobody better touch her or try to shake her hand again. She can't afford to break it so soon. SO hands off, you Republicans. Just nod and say hello,Cindy and keep your hands to yourself!!!!!!!

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