Monday, November 24, 2008

24 Skidoo

Jack Bauer is back. If you never saw 24, you may not be acquainted with Jack. Let's just say he is an American Hero. He is fair and just and fights everyone in sight and out guesses all the bad guys all the time. He gets in a lot of trouble just one day every so often. In the tv movie, it was just a two hour period....but tons of trouble was packed in to those two hours. Most of the time I watch Jack with my eyes wide shut because you never know when the violence is going to break out--you just know it is going to happen. The show isn't too bad-=it is spread out over 22 weeks or so but the movie was just one violent occasion after another.
Believe it or not, I don't intend to write about violence today. I am going to tell you about Jack and my old soap friend, John McBain. Apparently these two were separated at birth. How do I know that you may ask? Well, they are both whisperers. They never raise their voice above a soft whisper until the situation is so dire they have no choice and they speak in a normal voice!!!!
Last night, Jack was all whisper all the time. It really makes it hard to choose a volume level for the television as everyone else speaks in normal voices and then the explosions(of course, they have those. I didn't think I even had to mention them) are twice as loud!! Maybe that's the plan. I always find myself straining toward the tv as John McBain or Jack Bauer start to talk. I wish that meant I was engrossed by the character but it only means I CANT HEAR YOU!!!!!!!
I wonder if in hero school they teach that skill. Maybe if you talk real quiet like the bad guys come closer and make it easier to kill them!! Oh, that must be it.
If anyone ever talks real quiet like to you and he is handsome and dressed all in black(with or without a flack jacket) be very careful. He may have mistaken you for a bad guy or if you are a woman he may need a new girlfriend as all their girlfriends always wind up well.....dead.

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