Saturday, November 8, 2008

Whose Life to LIve?

It's not easy to be a soap actor or actress. One actress who is only 16 years old had to act out being pregnant for the last six months.(before that she wasn't showing) She couldn't stop touching her stomach(in wonder or horror, I'm not sure). It must be hard to pretend to be pregnant when you never were but compared to some of her colleagues she got off easy.
Our old friend, John McBain(not to be confused with the other John of a similar last name) had to fake hang himself in a jail cell so he could bust out and save the woman he loves who he thought was dead for the last year. He even had to twitch so the jailer would come in and try to save him. What do you think that poor actor thought when he read that script? Say, whaaaaaaaaaat? I wonder if he had a little,uh, discussion with the powers that be? If he did he caved!!
Another actress had to sit in a bed for about three months and act from there. She is supposed to have been crippled in an accident a year ago(guess who she is...see above paragraph) and was stuck in bed. She is finally up and around. She must be so relieved.
One girl who was pregnant with her dead husband's baby delivered it with the help of a figment of her imagination(that is such a long story, I won't even try) and now is off to the hospital to trade it in for a live one(no, I am not kidding).
However, the height of humiliation had to be for the poor actress on ALL MY CHILDREN who died and at her funeral there was a closed casket as her very young child was there(very discreet that poor little actor is only around 4 or 5 years old) and after all leave but the husband, he opens the top of the casket and there's that poor young girl laying in there!!!!!!! Not only has she lost her job but they make her climb into a casket to boot!!! How would you like to have been her when she read that script?? DO you think she just said okay and went off to perform?? I'm betting not. Talk about adding insult to injury!
So, see, you probably thought that being a soap actor was glamorous and exciting. Well, I hope I've shown you the other side of the coin. All your children may have only one life to live but it can end abruptly and you may have to make some BIG concessions along the way!

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