Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Hollywood Sue"

I've got a real knack for predicting the outcome of television shows and movies. I can spot the bad guy from 100 yards... so to speak. My family long ago nicknamed me "Hollywood Sue." It must be from all those years of watching the soaps and all the actors I've been exposed to through them. Let me explain.
All the television shows on in the evening are getting to be more and more "soapy." Some are easy--like back when J.R. Ewing got shot. I knew it had to be Sue Ellen's sister. It was just logical, soapwise. She was not a main character and completely disposable. So it had to be her--and it was!!!
The twists and turns of soaps show up more and more on the nightly shows so it is getting to be fun. It is really a simple formula for most of them. The person who they want you to think did it--didn't-- and someone on the periphery is the culprit. See??
I also have another unfair advantage as a lot of the time the killer(or any other general bad guy) has appeared on one of my soaps in the past. As soon as I say,"Hey, that guy(or woman) used to be on my soaps", sure as shootin' he/she is the one!
I also read a lot of novels and that helps too. I usually can figure out the end of my book before the middle. I keep changing genres so I don't get too good at it. I can't read a mystery or a romance novel anymore because I know the end usually by the end of the first chapter.
But this past month, I have done the prediction of the year and called an outcome that everyone thought was pretty out there. I said Hillary Clinton backed down in the primary because she was offered some big cabinet post to smooth her feathers and I WAS RIGHT!!!! She is going to be appointed Sec. of State....I had thought Attorney General(shades of Bobby Kennedy) but that was just the one I thought of as powerful. Now Secretary of State is a pretty powerful job too(shades of Henry Kissinger).
So last night, my husband called me "Washington Sue." It doesn't have quite the ring to it as Hollywood Sue so I am thinking of other options. "Politico Sue" is my current front runner. If I(or anyone else) come up with something better I'll let you know.

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