Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Santa's Little Helper

I just waded through all the gifts I've bought during this year for Christmas presents. I organized and sorted and got rid of plastic bags that were messing up my craft room. I feel pretty good about what I've bought so far. Boy, "bought" looks so funny to me right now. Like I didn't spell it right or something. Anyway, all those trips out and about sure paid off!
I love picking out gifts. I love spending time finding little things I know a person will like. All the kids in our family are getting older and don't need toys or anything like that anymore so I even have fun picking out the gift cards. I always try to find a little something to put with the gift card that reflects the person. It keeps me on my toes and I visit a lot of different stores to find them.
I always tell my own kids that there won't be many presents under the tree since they are adults now but it always ends up being a huge pile anyway. I'm not sure what happens-I guess Santa spurs me on and I just keep finding things they would like. I know what I want. I already left a huge hint at my husband's chair at the dining room table but he might not see it. Kinda like the tie dyed sheets. I don't really need anything anymore but there are a few things I would like.
As much as I love to shop for gifts I am not really much of a wrapper. Those gift bags we have now are a godsend to me. I love picking them out and making sure I have a lot of tissue so they look pretty. All the taping and corners we had to make back in the day were beyond me. I always managed to mess up a corner so it looked like a diaper or else I had shorted myself on paper and I would have to start all over again.
I still have some shopping to do and I will do it gladly. I will hohoho my way through the mall and Target and Kmart and Walmart and Marshalls and TJMAXX and............................ jingle all the way!!

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