Friday, November 28, 2008


Why is it I always eat too much on Thanksgiving day?? It is not like I don't have plenty to eat on other days of the year. I don't do it on Christmas Eve at our Smorgasbord or on Christmas day or New Year's Eve or my birthday. I don't even like turkey that much.
I do, however, love stuffing--not just any stuffing but my sister's stuffing. It is so good I could eat the entire bowl with a little gravy and nothing else on the table....except for sweet potatoes. She makes the best sweet potatoes I ever had. Now she would say that is because my mom always burned the sweet potatoes ( I know, she what??)..but that's not it. They are just yummy with enough sweetness and butteriness(that is probably not a word but you catch my drift)!
My sister is also a jello queen. She always makes a good jello mold but this year she outdid herself. It was really really good.
Now don't get me wrong, turkey itself is okay too it just pales in comparison to the sides I have come to love.
I also love my broccoli casserole. I have had the recipe for so long I forget where I got it although it may have been from my college roommate. It is creamy and cheesy and delicious. Hmmm, I am starting to figure out why I feel so stuffed!!
We enjoy our meal so much we don't even make any appetizers any more. We used to but then we all felt a little sick after dinner not just me so we stopped.
We still have dessert. That always pushes me over the brink into stuffed from just full. We even wait for a while so nobody explodes. This year I was so full I could hardly keep my eyes open to watch Dallas trample the Seahawks. Any way, we have our choice of apple or pumpkin pie or both and I always make cut out cookies. The cookies are going south next year. I had two of them and a piece of pie and that did me in!!!
Needless to say, no walk or sports after dinner for me. We sat and chatted a little and then went home. I was in my pj's by 8:30pm and could hardly stay awake until 10. I'm pretty sure I did but my husband is not here to confirm it as he had to work today.
Black Friday is not exactly calling my name either. I have a few things left to do but I don't want to fight a big crowd for a few gift cards, you know?? I will go to the bank and then to the grocery store. Kind of boring, but that's ok. My stomach will need the rest for at least 24 hours and errands will keep my mind off any kind of food.
Thanksgiving has come and gone once again and I felt appropriately thankful for all my family has and the love we share. Near or far, we all have a special bond and for that I am deeply thankful.

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