Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh, Those Commercials III

I usually use this space to complain about the commercials I detest and there are many of them to be sure. I am not sure if anything offends me as much as those women carrying their heads or the couple who own two outdoor bathtubs but today I want to talk about the commercials I love.
I love that little Geico Gecko! I think the ads with the old guy following him around at the golf course, the library and the subway are little gems. I love how the gecko gets all irritated with the old guy and a little paranoid about him too. I love how it always explains the Geico policy so clearly and I LOVE HIS ACCENT. His character sure has grown since he was employee of the month back in the day and got his own parking place(remember that one??)
The little guy beats out that AFLAC duck by a country mile. The duck has a limited vocabulary and the gecko is glib. The duck gets its feathers ruffled but the gecko is smooth. The duck has visions of grandeur but the gecko has a grand plan. Even that old man who follows him around admires his style.
The CG of the Gekko is really superior and he gets more and more agile with every ad. I wonder which Mad Man thought him up and who keeps coming up with ideas for him. Whoever it is , I hope he keeps it up. He's getting so real that I am expecting him to show up at my house for dinner after he reads this glowing report!
The holiday ads will be coming along soon and I always love those too. They are schmaltzy and sentimental and they push my buttons. I will get all teary eyed and sloppy during them...especially ones with kids in them. Remember the coffee ad where the big brother comes home from college when everyone is sleeping and the little sister finds him and they make coffee and the mom comes downstairs and she is so thrilled to see him?? Got me every time.
Now there is the card ad where the little toddler is learning to say Merry Christmas. is so sweet. He never really spits it out even though Mom coaches him but when she gets the card Grandma knows what he is saying and is so touched and the grandpa has a look on his face that is priceless--it is all gibberish to him!!
I usually fast forward all the commercials but I may stop for some of the holiday ones...I can always use a good cry!!

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