Friday, November 14, 2008

Off to See the Wizard

the Wizard of the food network that is....Paula Deen!! She is going to be at the Cleveland Food Show and my best friend and I are going to see her. She will sign cookbooks so I am taking the one my husband bought me a long time ago as a surprise. I marked all the recipes I want to try while I was sitting in bed yesterday after the worst vertigo attack I've ever had.
Paula Deen is an admirable woman. Her marriage ended, she had agoraphobia, and she started a little carry out business from her home called The Bag Lady. Her two sons were her helpers and they went on to open the Lady and Sons restaurant in Savannah, GA. She pulled herself up by her bootstraps and she is full of piss and vinegar!! I always liked her but to go see her cooking demonstration was 50bucks and sorry, but nobody is that good!! So we will see her son, Bobby, demonstrate instead. Her sons adore her and put up with her antics(at least on camera) so I am excited to see him too.
There is so much food to taste at this Expo that last year we were stuffed to the gills just from all the little tastes we tried. There isn't any big meal or anything but it was eating all day--it really fills you up!! I have Tylenol and Tums with me just in case we overdo it!!
My best friend is a real foodie. She is always trying new things and so she really loves this show. Since she is my friend, I go too.
Well, it was all worth it! Paula was really nice and signed my old cookbook and her son had his show but she was his guest and so was her husband so we got to see all of them. She was out in the audience so you got a real good look at her. She is a lovely woman and the TV doesn't do her justice!!! She is just as feisty though!!
I have never seen so many salsas in my life. I ate a ton of junk on a pretzel from mustard to some kind of apple cinnamon stuff. We sat down and had some water about halfway through things and it was a good and needed break. All that free food and water was 3.50!!! Isn't that funny??
I bought a few gifts and got a lot of cards and websites. I'm sure I won't remember what most of them are. At the time you think you won't forget but by the time you get home.............well, you know, I forgot!!
Anyway, it didn't inspire me to cook tonight my husband is out getting food now!! As long as it's not on a pretzel, it's all good!

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