Sunday, November 16, 2008

Eenie Meenie Minie Thumb

Have you seen the ad where the thumbs have the owners faces imposed on them? YUK!! How gross. It is almost as bad as those women carrying around their heads. I don't even know what the ad is for and I don't care. I refuse to watch it.
I also hate the ad Rachel Ray has for her new dog food. Oh, yes, now she makes dog food for her dog who is barely in control through the whole ad. It is a little creepy to see that thing get kissed by its owner too. I never was in to kissing dogs...such bad breath. Okus she callls the food Nutrish--she has a new slang word for everything doesn't she?? Sammies and delish and evoo-I mean really, nobody is in that big of a hurry.
The holiday commercials are starting and I really hate the Lowe's ad where the kid sees the store miraculously changing into a christmas wonderland and he tells the mom they make sparkles and magic here and then the Lowe's worker says, What kind of wreath do you want?? Is she not in the same ad??? Is she the only employee who isn't in on the whole sparkly magic thing??
Welll, my thumbs are telling me it is time to stop. Wait Is that a little hair I see peeking out of the top of my thumb and is that a ...mouth.. Oh, dear!!

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