Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When in Doubt, Go to France

You know how much I love my soaps. Lately I've been getting a big kick out of them since as soon as a character seems to have their share of troubles and there is no way to get out of the mess, they hightail it off to France. (this is mostly because they don't know what else to put the poor character through). Usually, Paris, but not necessarily. So if you go to France there will be an overly large population of people from Llanview,PA or Pine Valley, Wherever!
I went to France a long time ago and barely met anyone who spoke English let alone were from the States and had big problems. It must have been before this trend started.
So, my question is, once you get to France are all your troubles over?? They seem to have many business opportunities and many mental health facilities so maybe that 's the draw. Unemployed?? Vive LaFrance!! Having a breakdown?? Parlez-Vous Francais!! I really had no idea.
There is a division of Cambias Corporation and the European division of the lingerie company that Dorian's daughter started with her friend. There is also a luxurious facility for mental health problems that has a courtyard and everything! Sounds delightful, doesn't it? One of the girls today lost her baby she was supposed to adopt and when her husband asked her where she was going now(they are estranged) she said she didn't know--bet I do!!
Apparently it is really cheap to get over there too. Must be a special airline so these people(those who don't own their own planes that is) can jet over there on a whim. And of course everyone on the soaps has a valid passport in their pocket just in case the need or the urge to go to France descends upon them.
I'm sure France is thrilled with all the free publicity they get from these soap characters and they must have a booming economy to entice so many businesses over there! I would love to go back to France someday but I am waiting until the soap characters have taken over so I can speak only English while I am there!

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