Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Thoughts on November 5th

Where was that John McCain who made the concession speech last night during the election race???? If he had shown the gracious demeanor he did during that speech during his campaign the result of this election may have been very different. He will continue to serve our country I am sure and I was happy to see a glimpse of the John McCain I remember from before the Oklahoma U speech.
Isn't Obama an inspiring speaker? He has brought hope to a nation that has lived in fear for the last eight years and has brought hope. Of course, he cannot change everything over night and anyone who thinks he can is hopelessly naive, but just a positive attitude toward change and our country's ability to be great without being a bully makes my heart sing.
Now it is time for reflection and attitude adjustments. People who were so dead set against Obama have to take a page from McCain and accept and support him as President. Those ardent admirers who think Obama is just about the second coming need to take off the rose color glasses and let this man and his team do what they can.
Hopefully, we will all contribute to a new attitude of possibility and positive change no longer living in fear that our whole system is about to collapse and that the other countries of the world loathe us because of our foreign policies.
I won't miss Governor Palin and just think for less than three months work she sure got a great wardrobe. Maybe now she will go home and concentrate on her state and her family. I hope she will use her experience as a mother of a special needs child to become the advocate she wants to be. She will no longer be the subject of jokes and cut and pastes on line of her in a bikini. That has to wear on a woman, don't you think??
I won't miss Cindy Lou McCain either. The poor thing looked like she was down to about 85 lbs. I hope she goes home and eats and gets to wear something besides those suits that look to be made of the most stiff and uncomfortable fabric known to man. She won't have to get her hair done into that helmet thing she does on a daily basis. I would think she would breathe a sigh of relief. Just think she would have had to keep that up for four years--she would have been Nancy Reagan junior!!
The one little snake I really won't miss is Joe Leiberman. Yes, I did call him a snake. He won't be skulking in the bushes or whispering in the president's ear. Thank goodness!! Goodbye Joe! I hope you will flourish in obscurity.
I really really won't miss the women on The View screaming at one another over the table. That was getting old fast. Elizabeth Hasselbach was the most stubborn, unyielding young woman I have ever had to endure. Having the courage of your convictions is a wonderful thing but it should be tempered by reason. She is very subdued today and I am glad to see that.
I really really really won't miss all the phone calls. OHMYGOSH! I am so sick of them. Even Joe Biden called me after I had already voted. Of course, the most irritating part of all is that they are all prerecorded and that just ticked me off. I think in the last week, my phone rang every 5 to 10 minutes. SO YAY that is over for a nice, long time.
I do wonder what in the world all the political satirists are going to do now. They still have George Bush to kick around for a while but I don't think Obama will give them as much to play with... but time will tell.

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