Thursday, June 25, 2009


OHMYGOSH!!! I have to wear a blood pressure cuff for the next 24 hours. What's the big deal, you ask?? It is a giant pain in the rear! First off it has a tube thing that goes from the cuff under your shirt down your back and around to the gizmo that you wear on your belt or (like me) in your pocket. That tube thing is like having a snake riding on your back. Sometimes when I sit down it curls itself up around by my neck and shoulder like it's my pet or something. Other times it bumps up and down on my back like when I am walking around.
It goes off every thirty minutes and registers my blood pressure which I am sure is sky-high from the stress of wearing this thing. When it squeezes my arm it is like being killed by a boa constrictor. I never had such a tight blood pressure cuff in my entire life. It really really hurts. Plus as an added bonus it beeps before it takes the pressure so you can get yourself all worked up that the pain is about to begin and I'm sure that does wonders for the ole blood pressure too!
She said you should just go about your daily business. I went to the grocery store and a couple other places but I hurried home as I was getting a lot of stares and I think I grimaced when it took my pressure in one store and the clerk must have wondered what was up with me...unless she ever had to wear one, then she knows.
The best part is I get to wear it to bed tonight. I said to the woman at the Dr. office, "I have to wear this at night??" and she said I'll get used to it (!) just like when you go for one of those sleep tests(!) Well, I took one of those sleep tests and believe me, I didn't get used to it. I just fell asleep around 3 am out of sheer exhaustion.
So I guess tonight will be a great night's sleep( a little sarcasm there) and I will feel just great in the morning. One thing for sure, I will be praying for 9:30 AM to get here as fast as possible.


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