Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm Cryin'

I've been crying my eyes out over my soap for the last three days. Powerful performances and powerful story line have come together to make One Life to Live the soap to watch. I have spoken of the story a couple of times but I will bring you up to date as fast as I can.
Remember Starr? She is the 16 year old who had a baby after her first sexual encounter with her serious boyfriend, Cole, and who thought that her baby died at birth when really she was switched by Starr's DID(multiple personalities) cousin, Jess-Tess-Bess.
Well, Jess has finally come back into her own after a complicated Bess mess and has realized that her baby actually died and she had stolen Starr's baby. Needless to say, she is devastated and can hardly stop crying. She not only has to say goodbye to the baby she's been raising but she also has to break the news to her older daughter who is about 3 or 4.
When she realized the events of the past, she was held in the arms of her mother, Vicki-Nicki-Jean-Tommy(she has DID too as you probably guessed from her name) and the two of them gave the performances of their lives. It was so realistic I couldn't stop crying either. The mom looked so wounded. The sympathy and sadness was radiating out of her eyes while her daughter sobbed and recalled the dastardly events.
In the meantime, over at Starr's house, all is joyful except for poor Cole who really really wants to keep the baby and Starr who is having second thoughts about letting the McBain's(John McBain's brother and wife) adopt the baby which was the original plan.
Starr is her usual mature self and feels she can't break the promise she made to Marcie McBain but she is definitely conflicted. Marcie and her husband(the actors) are both leaving the show soon so maybe she'll keep Hope after all. I can't wait to find out.
Even Starr's crazy father(the one who held Cole's mom hostage after she lost her memory in a car crash but he loves her so he thinks it was ok) has been subdued and hasn't done anything stupid so far.
Starr's mother, Blair(who is now in a marriage of convenience with John McBain) has been completely supportive of her daughter from the get-go. She told Starr that she is the one who has to decide her daughter's fate. She should do what her heart tells her and not what others expect her to do. This is excellent advice from a woman who has married the same man(Todd) three or four times in spite of everyone telling her he's nuts.
When Jess turned the baby over to Blair and Todd, she was still in such mortal pain, I could hardly stand to watch. She even had made a little list of the baby's schedule and likes and dislikes.
The story is far from over but I hope it keeps up the quality of story line so that the actors have the chance to shine as they have for the last three days. A lot of people say soaps are dead, passe, over the hill, boring, dumb,etc. Those people should watch the last three days of my show. They might just change their minds.

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Your life seems to revolve a lot around tv. Could you live without one? Do you have a life that involves real people, outside your immediate family?
Do you ever volunteer or help others on a regular basis?