Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strict on Strickland

I just read an article in the Plain Dealer on the Opinion page about the Governor changing his mind about slot machines. It said in the headline that he had lost his conviction or morals or something. I say, hey, at least he stuck around.
Did you hear about that governor of South Carolina who just went missing for a few days and didn't tell anyone where he was?? Now there was a plan. Supposedly not even his wife knew where he was and he missed Father's day with his kids but then the newscast said he is returning today "earlier than scheduled." HUH????? How can he be returning early if nobody knew where he was?? He claims to have been on the Appalachian trail so he sure didn't see it on TV unless he was really holed up in a Holiday Inn someplace. Come to think of it maybe that was his father's day gift!
Anyway Ted Strickland doesn't shirk his duty like that. As far as I know he's been there every day. So he changed his mind. Maybe he is just being practical. Ohio needs money. People like to use slot machines. Therefore, Ohio should have slot machines. Pretty simple logic really.
Personally, I never have had much luck at the slots but I still have fun using them. Once my daughter and I won around 125 dollars on a machine but we proceeded to blow that in a short time on that same machine and a few others in the same casino. So basically I guess we didn't really win anything but we had a blast.
Maybe Gov. Strickland finally tried out a slot machine and had a little fun doing it. Maybe he decided it wasn't so bad after all. Maybe he still has moral fiber and conviction. Maybe he
is just using his common sense. What a breath of fresh air that would be in a politician!

PS Just heard that the missing governor was in Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, he really got mixed up on the Appalachian trail if he ended up there!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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