Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Over Before It Began

I read the other day that our love affair with President Obama is over. WHAT???????? I was having an affair and I didn't even know it?? Now that just isn't right. Did I miss something?
It's true that almost every day either Obama or one of his staff or (gulp) his wife send me emails but I erase those without reading them as I thought they were just reiterations of what had been announced on the news or what would be announced on the news shortly. I didn't want to get a slanted perspective so I just erased them.
Now, I realize they must have been about the affair! That I didn't even know I was having. OHMYGOSH! Wait until my husband finds out about this. I don't think he will like it very much.
Now, during the campaign I did write many blogs about supporting Obama's policies and I did write that I admired him but I didn't think he would take those blogs the wrong way! And Michelle!! I thought she was much more intelligent than that! She probably thought she was reading between the lines but there was nothing between the lines, I swear!
Recently, I wrote about how I thought the President was good at killing flies but that was strictly admiration too. Just because I copycatted him a few days later and killed some flies of my own.....that's not love.
The reporter who wrote that article and whoever slapped that headline on it need to look up love in a dictionary. Supporting and applauding your president is not love--it's admiration. Criticizing your president doesn't mean you have lost all respect for him and don't "love" him any more. It only means you are exercising your right to your own opinion. Which Americans love to do!

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