Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have a new "admirer" named Anonymous. Boy or girl, man or woman, friend or stranger...I have no idea. Anonymous keeps me grounded. Anonymous always has a minute to criticize me. I have pretty much ignored Anonymous but my kids haven't.
Well, Anonymous... my private life is none of your business. I am sure you are busy with your many friends, your good works and activities but I don't write about those things because they are nobody's business.
Some people on line make a living writing about Soap Operas. Some people do only have their immediate families whether they want that situation or not. Some people watch a lot of television because they are lonely or they just enjoy the entertainment. Some people write a blog just to vent. Some people write a blog because they like to write. Some people do things for others and don't toot their own horn about it.
So, dear Anonymous, you don't have to read my blog. It is easy for you to be my critic when I have no idea who you are. I'm not so easy to figure out as you may think.


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