Monday, June 15, 2009

Stuffed Up

I have a summer cold. At least I think it is a cold. I suppose it could be the flu--even the dread Swine Flu--but I haven't been around any pigs lately so I kinda doubt it. Anyway, my head feels like it is stuffed with cotton and I have a temperature and cough and sneeze intermittently. I had a sore throat too but that's gone.I've been imagining that little germ zipping around in my throat and my head and my nose. It is a quick little monster and it has a game plan to boot. It is having a ball! First it attacked my throat but not enough for me to pay any attention to it until Friday night when I had my husband bring home Hall's.Saturday morning brought the coughing and runny nose and that little monster wasn't done yet. By that night my headache started and I knew that on Monday I'd have to see the doctor.I didn't want to be sick in the summer. Why couldn't this have happened in February when you don't want to go outside and have nothing much to do but read and watch soaps? The little germ just had a good laugh and kept running rampant. I was supposed to start a new job today but that went down the tubes.So here I sit and look outside with a sad face and a 2:40 Doctor appointment. I hope she has a miracle cure so I can get outside soon!

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