Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Come Fly with Me

Is there anything more annoying then being pestered by a buzzing fly?
Flies are really annoying. They are so annoying that we didn't even bother to name them. We just call them what they can do--fly. It's like if we called a kangaroo a "hop"...or a dogs were "barks".
I always associate flies with garbage. I guess that's why you instantly want to shoo them away from your face or your food. Let's face it --flies are just gross. They start out as maggots for heaven's sake. Did you ever see one of those????? Not a pretty sight.
Nobody I know has any respect for flies which is why I was so baffled when there was an uproar over President Obama killing a fly on camera during an interview.
It was a great kill too. One handed and that thing was dead as a doornail. I wanted to applaud the finesse and even thought about sending him a little note(being the Ant Avenger and all) to congratulate him.
But PETA and other animal protective agencies were quite critical of Mr. President. You know what I say to them? If Obama could get rid of Kim Jong- Il, Osama BinLaden and Pres. Ahmadinejad with the same kind of finesse you'd be singing his praises!
So, you go, Mr. Obama! Keep killing flies and don't let things that pester you get in the way of your job!

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