Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Waiting Room

I spent some time waiting for a doctor appointment today and while I was waiting I dove into the nearest Newsweek. Well, that isn't true. The nearest Newsweek had a pig snout sticking out from between rusty bars and I had to cover that one up with another magazine. The one I chose had an unflattering picture of Oprah on the front.
The article inside talked about how Oprah presents some unusual medical practices as the choice that is the best. She seems to present the medical world as a big giant conspiracy to keep us unhealthy. The article talked about Suzanne Sommers who takes about 60 supplements a day and injects herself with synthetic(plant-based) hormones even in the(pardon the Oprah expression) VaJJ.
There were doctors in the audience but they had to wait their turns to talk and Oprah defended Suzanne. She also embraced some of her routine( I hope not the VaJJ part).
The article went on to say that Dr. Oz gives sound medical advice,
It mentioned the OBGYN she has on frequently and Jenny McCarthy who is an advocate for her Autistic child. The OBGYN said that the injection for HPV could kill you and Jenny is against the MMR immunization because it caused her son's autism. The medical community says there is no medical evidence to support either of these two thoughts.
Although some women who have received the injection have died there were other factors involved. The jury is still out on the MMR shot but so far no scientific evidence supports it.
I didn't get to finish the article but the article went on to talk about women with thyroid problems which Oprah has "cured" without her prescribed meds but I don't know how.
Millions of people watch Oprah and take her advice as it stands. Has her ego grown so much that she thinks she is always right under every circumstance?? Could be.
I've seen enough of Oprah to know that her ego is as big as all outdoors and she is pretty full of herself. She used to be a giving, understanding woman but now seems to have become a semi-deity in her own mind. I know she thinks she is doing good but maybe more research is necessary and maybe we shouldn't take medical advice from actresses like Sommers and McCarthy. I'm just sayin'.

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Anonymous said...

Ye, Oprah does have quite an ego but overall she seems to be doing more good than harm.
Your right about junk science too.
Why are people so desperate to believe everything a celebrity says?