Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's Day

OHMYGOSH!!! My husband and our son are watching some Superman cartoon and they have it so loud I can hear it back here by the computer. They are such big babies--they make me laugh out loud.
Oh well, at least they have common interests. I suppose some sons don't have much to say to their dads. Some dads are just real quiet and don't talk much to their kids--even their sons. And some dads have to be an authority on everything so their sons don't bother to talk to them.
I would go back there too but I know at some point I would just start laughing and neither one of them would appreciate that! I will just get the novel I am reading and chill back here for awhile.
I don't resent that at all...I know I complain about all the scifi around here but mostly I do like it--even some of the cartoons but in small doses and not on stereo hifi surround sound so loud you can't hear yourself think.
I will join them when they are ready for drinks and dinner. That is something we all can enjoy!


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