Friday, June 26, 2009

Come Fly with Me II

So, I never should have said a bad word about flies. They must have a superior communication system as one of them must have read my original blog and spread the word. No, really.
In the last couple of days between the two of us, we have killed 10 flies in the house.
We NEVER get flies in the house. Maybe a random one by the door once in a while but we get rid of those easily just by shooing them out the door and quickly closing it behind them.
No these were pesterers. They flew close to our faces, around our food and by our light sources. They buzzed around us and landed on the television screen where of course you can't hit them or you'd break the new television. They crawled on us too and I didn't want to suffer any pain just to kill a fly.
When one finally landed on the side table by the sofa where I was sitting, I finally got it with the bottom of a plastic glass that I put in the dishwasher post haste. The second one I got with a library book. (I wiped it off afterwards....really) The third one I got with my flipflop.( I really wiped that off!!)
Anyway, we've been up for about 45 minutes and there appears to be no more flies. Believe me, that is a relief. I couldn't stand all the buzzing and flying but I hate to just keep killing them. I don't want to get banned from the library or anything if they find a fly smoosh on one of the books I return. (just kidding--I really wiped it off)
Plus it was starting to feel really good--killing those flies. Like it got really easy to trick them too. It made me feel so good I got to thinking maybe I could be the President of the United States. Apparently, I have one of the necessary skills. On second thought, no can do. I am enjoying retirement far too much!

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