Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black Like Me

I just took a quiz on Facebook called "What Ethnicity Are You Really?" Turns out, I'm black. If you could see my whiter than white skin you would crack up as I am physically so not black. If you saw my teeny tiny booty you would know I'm really not black(no offense to my black sisters)!
I did mark on the quiz that I liked wings and not chicken tandoori(whatever that is) and that I was attracted to black men. I think I wrote about that before but it bears repeating. I have always had a black "boyfriend" on the silver or tv screen.
It all started with Dorian Harewood and continued on with Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, Tae Diggs and Tyrese. I am most true to Wesley in spite of his tax problems and any other rumors you may have heard. I mean did you see those muscles in Blade??????
I love Will for his sense of humor and Tae for that killer smile and Tyrese for his killer body...really, just look him up on Google and you'll see.
My husband(the very white man in my life) has no problems with these boyfriends of mine. He's used to it by now..he's been with me for 30 years. Now if Wesley ever knocked on our door....well, that might just be a different story!

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